Monday, March 28, 2005

Sembang-sembang Ms (Part 1)

*clocker = Aben

clocker : yo bro...I have one topic
clocker : no office apps can replace Ms Office
hussein : no?
hussein : why not?
clocker : because there arent any
clocker : OpenOffice? StarOffice? KOffice? Abiword?
hussein : OpenOffice is nice
clocker : i have to reboot and log into winxp for the sake of viewing my online notes
clocker : openoffice cant do the job
clocker : especially when it comes to handling Ms Office graphics
hussein : you made your notes in Office???
clocker : hahaha...If I were the one who made the notes, bye bye Ms Office
hussein : who made your notes?
clocker : lecturers of course
hussein : hehehe
hussein : come on, you can't assume everyone has MS Office
clocker : what 'hehehe's for?
hussein : it's funny
hussein : laugh
clocker : owhh
hussein : many people frequently do, though
clocker : end of topic, nothing beats Ms Office
hussein : LaTeX
hussein : :p
clocker : pfftt...come on bro
hussein : what?
clocker : If only I can view online notes with that
hussein : well, viewing other people's notes isn't the fault of the program
hussein : I can say nothing beats KOffice, because MS Office can't open them
clocker : ok now we are talking in different language
hussein : nothing beats Britney Spears either
hussein : not even Mozart
hussein : I bet Mozart wasn't as popular
clocker : it's true
clocker : in term of popularity...mozart cant beat britney
hussein : but which is better music?
clocker : yo bro...still remember about our last discussion - linux kernel is not innovative?
hussein : no it's not
clocker : well its the same here...depends on whos perspective u are in
hussein : fine
hussein : but if I can't open a Word document I usually just send it back to the sender saying to him use an open format
clocker : yeah, like I want to do that to my lecturer :p
hussein : hehehe
hussein : see, the world is against you
clocker : hahaha
hussein : our little lesson for today is, MS sucks
hussein : closed format, locks everyone else out
hussein : they collect royalties every time you upgrade
hussein : what a wonderful world we live in eh?
clocker : is B.E.A utiful

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