Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dalam ketidaksempurnaan ada kebaikan

Cuba tengok lilin. Biasanya orang membakar lilin ketika TNB gagal membekalkan elektrik, untuk menerangi ruang rumah. Cuba tengok lilin. Api yang membiaskan cahaya itu adalah hasil daripada pembakaran yang tidak sempurna. Di paras bawah ada pembakaran sempurna, berwarna biru, namun cahaya biru itu tidak menerbitkan cahaya yang diharapkan.

Pembakaran yang tidak sempurna menghasilkan api berwarna kuning keperangan yang terang, menerangi apa yang si penyala mahukan. Dalam ketidaksempurnaan dia menyempurnakan hajat yang lain. Kadang-kadang, kita mahu segalanya sempurna, padahal bukan segala yang sempurna itu baik dan berfaedah kepada kita dalam sesuatu keadaan. Memang kita mahukan segalanya sempurna.Tapi...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Apple 5th Avenue store

19 May 2006.This is the new Apple 5th avenue store. Featuring 32 foot glass cube, it sets a new landmark in 5th Avenue New York. The store lies underneath the ground, where you have to go inside the cube and take the stairs or elevator down to the store. I wish I could be there, one fine day!

Apple Fifth Avenue store gallery


I noticed lately that he took less food. Sometimes just a plain rice and a yogurt drink in which he would pour the yogurt a little bit on the rice to make it tastier, I guess. I heard that a few had their scholarship delayed by the government. I ask him whether he have enough budget. He said yes. The way he told me on how Arabs nowadays,everywhere, spent their money endlessly for clothes and food is very regretfully.

"Why Arabs is so rich?" Aben.

"Because Allah wants to test us" Him.

"Honestly Aben, I want to tell you something that I haven't told anyone else before, not to say that I am a good person but to share something with you. Sometimes when I was about to sleep on my bed, I have the thinking of how many people sleeps without blanket, and so I put aside my blanket and sleep without it."

He look at me with a sad smiling face while feeding the rice.

p/s Isn't it a wonder to have a friend like him?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The end of world cup fever

FIFA World Cup 2006 has been concluded. My second favourite team after England, The Azzurri managed to secured the 22-carat trophy and lift it up around the Olympiastadion yesterday, steadily led by team's captain- Fabio Cannavaro. Overall I am deeply impressed with the game by Italy in semi-final and final match in which their defense, flicks and passings are the best. I could say, Italy is the best team all-round. Yesterday victory marked Italy for their fourth winnings in the world cup campaign. Kudos to the Marcello Lippi's squad! And to us...Malaysians, it couldn't be more proud to cheer on our own national team and hopefully, someday, Malaysia could go the distance!