Friday, March 04, 2005

Nerd nation

He is my ex-roommate when I'm in first year. Someone nice to know. Someone you can share lots of things. Someone you can talk to. He is the one. Dua-tiga-empat menjak ni betul betul mengembalikan kenangan lama. Hahaha.

Sujay: remember my comp used 2 suddenly just burst out d volume?
Aben: hahahah LOL
Aben: yeah yeah
Aben: i'm scare to death
Sujay: terkejut leh
Aben: :))
Sujay: me also
Aben: now dah ok?
Sujay: now it kinda died
Sujay: no audio, no video
Aben: come?
Sujay: think bios gone or sumting on mobo
Sujay: gotta send back 2 asus
Sujay: Waaaaah!
Aben: still under warranty?
Sujay: nope
Sujay: Waaaaah!
Aben: alamak...alamak
Aben: rilekss...dont cry
Aben: still with win2k?
Sujay: yeah
Aben: i think its a sign...ask u to change the OS
Aben: Linux!
Aben: kuikuikui
Sujay: lol
Sujay: i wanted 2...just b4 it died
Sujay: was dl linux red hat
Sujay: or sumting
Sujay: may hav been a sign
Sujay: my comp dun like linux?
Aben: eh, if u want linux...just ask...i have plenty
Sujay: hehe i noe
Sujay: lol
Sujay: just couldnt find u
Aben: naah...that is not possible...every computer do like linux...
Aben : they like " owner wants to install linux in me"
Sujay: lol how would u noe?
Sujay: my comp special
Aben: because my computer is my gf laa
Aben: :D
Sujay: u also??...ish ish ish
Sujay: i serik alredi
Aben: why, before this u tought of that as well?
Sujay: i always said so in alpha...
Aben: then wut happen?
Sujay: lol we really think alike
Sujay: well nothing really happen
Sujay: except she kinda 'died'
Sujay: Waaaaah!
Sujay: so i duwan 2 lose gf
Sujay: so say not gf lar
Sujay: lol
Aben: maybe 'she' needs extra attention
Sujay: maybe
Sujay: esp now
Sujay: lol
Aben: maybe 'she' wants u to give her Linux or any other OS besides 2K
Aben: :D
Aben: it's been nearly 3 years u know...
Sujay: mayb not
Aben: hahaha
Sujay: true..even microsoft should hav stabilised d os
Sujay: windows 2003
Sujay: linux-lindows, rite
Sujay: that one that looked just like windows
Aben: owh..that one...lindows...sued by microsoft
Aben: change to linspire by name
Sujay: lol

Aben: they've been implementing linux in lots of robots nowadays
Sujay: oO
Aben: cars, gadgets, etc etc
Sujay: hehe yalar
Sujay: we cant have a car OS suddenly hang on the streets
Sujay: right signal then turn left, suddenly ur car stall-illegal operation
Sujay: lol
Aben: lol
Aben: blue screen of death
Sujay: lol
Sujay: on d highway
Aben: emergency break > illegal operation error...send report online, yes no?
Aben: ahhahaha
Sujay: hahahah

Aben: ok sujay...i have to hit some notes...
Sujay:dun hit ur notes 2 hard
Aben: hahaha
Sujay: u need them intact 4 d finals
Aben: sure sure...i never hit em hard. unlike u...always sleep on ur notes :D
Sujay: hah u still remember

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