Friday, December 30, 2005


Engineering has been called the "invisible profession" or the "stealth profession" because most people have no clue what engineers do. This is unfortunate, because everything in society is linked to engineering.

Theodore Von Karman, an aerospace engineer, put it nicely when he said, "Scientists discover the world that exists; engineers create the world that never was."

The word "create" has been used several times here in reference to engineering. Engineers as a group are probably the most creative people. They synthesize, solve problems, and innovate...all big words meaning that they make new things and make old things better. People in the arts are creative too; but their creativity deals with thoughts or emotions. Engineering creativity is directed at things.

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Ani said...

Salam kenal..
Nice blog..tersesat kat sini masa cari pasal La Tahzan :D

AuRuM said...

we are... engineer?

Stridz said...

Ani : Salam kenal. Sila sesat lagi nnt :D

Aurum : InsyaAllah! perjalanan kita masih panjang :) Berusahalah!!

crimsonskye said...

nvm, we IT students are also engineers ! major info sys engineering... hehe

Stridz said...

crimsonskye: happy engineering! haha, wondering if such a wish do exist