Wednesday, December 14, 2005


"Kaizan" is a Japanese's term which lead to the meaning of - continuous improvement, says Dr. Khaled. They have been using this and that's why Japanese is the # 1 in automobile industry, says he again during his last lecture of the trimester. So, as a student, you should bear in mind - "kaizan"!

Taken from Compound Thinking

"At Toyota they have been doing the same thing for decades. The Lean Manufacturing world calls it a "Kaizan event," and it is a key element of the process which Toyota have used to build cars faster, cheaper, and better every year. They gather together a team and ask them to spend a day working to come up with improvements, and then go out on the floor and implement them."

"At Toyota Kaizan is not just an event, but a continuous process of improvement, but the event is a key to developing a culture where continuous improvement is just part of the routine."

p/s credit goes to Putra.


Putra Loneheart said...

err... kazian atau 'kaizan'.
lecturer saya [mr Ibrahim Yusof] pernah sebut 'kaizan' untuk continuous improvement mase subjek Information System Planning.
never mind lah... mungkin saya yang silap dengar.

Stridz said...

haha. ntah-ntah saya yg tersilap.hmm...nnt saya periksa balik.

Stridz said...

saya check dkt internet, I was wrong. It is Kaizan. Terima kasih Putra! :)

lutfi said...

kat proton sebut "kaizen". staff proton pun 'high' jugak menda² kaizen ni. proton mmg supportive kalu menda² ni. hantar proposal dpt RM10, siap projek dpt RM100. huhu....

nur_afni said...

yup...kaizen is good!!