Friday, December 16, 2005

Snow White

Aben : Ever think of feeding the birds?

Sujay : Well, if it a pigeon, nothing extraordinary with that.

Aben : I don't think it is a pigeon. A friend of mine, used to feed the birds.

Aben : Kind of folks story. Sometimes a raccoon will join in and bring his family.

Sujay : Your friend, she really is a snow white, isn't she.

Aben : Yes, she is. (his voice is hardly heard,while throwing out his sight to nowhere)


cik sakura said...

used to be called "Cinderella"...

ShiMa said...

which is the grandaughter of "Belle"

Stridz said...

err...saper cinderella saper belle lak ni. ada org yg gelarkan kerr atau gelar diri sendiri :D. jgn marah.