Sunday, February 20, 2005

Berminat atau tak?

Tadi, aku dapat panggilan daripada seorang junior. Out of sudden. We are not so close. Yes, we used to work together but we are not so close. I thought maybe something had happened to him, maybe he needs my advice, but what I am going to advice? Maybe there’s some other not so delighted news anyone wouldn’t want to hear. Or maybe there’s a not yet revealed, breed of proclamation from faculty that he’s going to tell me.

Quickly then I prepare. I went out and meet him at one of those restaurants in front of the campus.

I have lots of question, why he wants to meet me? He said… nothing. Just want to get together, have some little chat, so on and so forth. Ok fine. Our conversation goes around ‘how’s your study’, ‘how do you manage your time table’, ‘what is your final year project is all about’…well, that kind of stuff.

Then, we go by the issue of high tuition fees. At this point…at this very point, I can get the answer, why in the world he wants to meet me. Sure it is not for the sake of getting together. It’s MLM! – Multi level marketing. MLM has encircled our campus by storm. Every now and then, everyone is talking the MLM language.

Sure, I do agree that they have a good business strategy. No doubt about it. If not, then CNI will not be a 300 million US dollar global business income – company. InsyaAllah you’d be success too, in term of money making and business thingy.

“Abang nak tak kalau saya share sikit dengan abang pasal benda ni?”

“Kalau saya kata tak nak?”

“Kalau taknak takpela.”

I can see his sad smiling face. Yeah. And the story goes. In the end, I said – It is not because I don’t believe in this thing, it is just because I don’t want to. Why? I can give 1001 reasons for whys…but the main point is, I can’t get into something I couldn’t commit. I can’t get into something I didn’t interest. Statement may change without prior notice though and besides I have lots and lots of thing to do (such as kernel hacking, module development, bash script programming etc) , and so MLM is not in my top priority list…and did I say – statement may change without prior notice?

I have my own point(s) why MLM is not for me (at least for now). But afraid it may rub the wrong way to others who involved in, and so I left it alone. Please, my dear blog readers…don’t get me wrong. I do not against MLM or have any condemnation to make. If you are in, please do and I wish you all the best!

p/s – I would like to strengthen my fortification of financial. It is not the time to attack (yet). It is the matter of choice. Peace, no war!.. hehe.


ShiMa said...

walla..what a good and sound command of english u have there.. :)

diQ said...

MLM... MLM... MLM.... it's just becoz i dont want to!! cayalah!!!