Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Gadget(s) can stray your mind away

Struggling not to get involve with a girl before he prepare himself well (i.e not while still a student), a friend of mine got one interesting way to go with it. He would buy a new gadget. Yup. He even shows me his gadget wish list. The ambitiousness and the anticipation, plus the excitement for owning the new gadget would stray his mind away from thinking for the girl whom he might fallen into. As far as I am concern, he hasn’t engage with anyone yet. The method seems to work although the way he deals with the problem is quite expensive, I told him. Last time, when he had one of a hard time, a conflict between his feeling towards this one girl and a promise he made to himself not to get involve with anyone just yet - he asked me to go to Low Yat Plaza to accompany him with the mind-stray-from-a-girl-gadgetry shopping. He bought himself a brand new Klipsch speaker. You might guess the prestige Klipsch holds to especially in pc-audio.

See, trying to run away from the feeling you had inside towards someone is not as easy as running away when you were chase by a dog. This particular case in fact is a lot tougher in process and require pretty good determination as well, and that - if you succeeded. So one day, early in the morning - that is around 1 am, I received a phone call from him. Normally when someone call you on this hour saying he wants to talk about something, you could be imagine on lots of things - what that 'something' really about?

"22 and 24...what do you think?"

"...." I keep quiet while thinking ( Dalam hati: ahh,sudah...dengan kakak mana pulak dia nak bercinta ni)

"What do you mean?" I try to squeeze the time as much as possible. Thinking.

"LCD. 22 inch Acer vs 24 inch Dell. Which one should I go for? The price gap is very wide that it might put a hole in my pocket"

"Cehh...buang karan!"


AuRuM said...

tu lah... fikir pelik2 sgt~~

Stridz said...

aii...hmm, itulah :D

Al-Farisi said...

salamun 'alaik bro...

sy nak jemput awak singgah ke rumah baru sy... rumah banglo 2 tingkat hehehe...