Saturday, July 15, 2006


I noticed lately that he took less food. Sometimes just a plain rice and a yogurt drink in which he would pour the yogurt a little bit on the rice to make it tastier, I guess. I heard that a few had their scholarship delayed by the government. I ask him whether he have enough budget. He said yes. The way he told me on how Arabs nowadays,everywhere, spent their money endlessly for clothes and food is very regretfully.

"Why Arabs is so rich?" Aben.

"Because Allah wants to test us" Him.

"Honestly Aben, I want to tell you something that I haven't told anyone else before, not to say that I am a good person but to share something with you. Sometimes when I was about to sleep on my bed, I have the thinking of how many people sleeps without blanket, and so I put aside my blanket and sleep without it."

He look at me with a sad smiling face while feeding the rice.

p/s Isn't it a wonder to have a friend like him?


Anonymous said...

sahabat dtg dlm pelbagai wajah..... ujian, rahmat, penawar, racun.... pilihan d tangan kita!

dan sahabat awak tu.... mungkin rahmat, mungkin petunjuk, mungkin ujian....


ShiMa said...

sahabat yg baik adalah sahabat yg selalu mengingatkan kita pada Allah... :) untung awak mempunyai sahabat macam tue

Stridz said...

Aurum: segalanya mungkin...(lama betul tak dengar cerita orang bepraktikal ni, kata Aben di dalam hati)

Kak Shima: Alhamdulillah. Spt kata Aurum tu, segalanya mungkin...