Sunday, June 19, 2005

Is Linux for Losers? part 1

A tiring weekend indeed. We've gathered a full load of workforce and start working like never before. Freezer, kitchen, small cupboard, washing machine...almost everything has been clean up. Rise and shine like...err not so new...but you can see the differences. Hahaha...poyo poyo...what is poyo?

Ok now, enough for the productivity wise report. Lets get moving and archived what is happening in Open Source world.

Is Linux for Losers??
"Theo de Raadt is a pioneer of the open source software movement and a huge proponent of free software. But he is no fan of the open source Linux operating system.

"It's terrible," De Raadt says. "Everyone is using it, and they don't realize how bad it is. And the Linux people will just stick with it and add to it rather than stepping back and saying, 'This is garbage and we should fix it.'

De Raadt makes a rival open source operating system called OpenBSD. Unlike Linux, which is a clone of Unix, OpenBSD is based on an actual Unix variant called Berkeley Software Distribution.

"I think our code quality is higher, just because that's really a big focus for us," De Raadt says. "Linux has never been about quality. There are so many parts of the system that are just these cheap little hacks, and it happens to run." As for Linus Torvalds, who created Linux and oversees development, De Raadt says, "I don't know what his focus is at all anymore, but it isn't quality."

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