Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Last SIG meet up of the 3rd trimester 05/06

Last night I went to Zuhdi's for our SIG's last meet-up of the trimester. Yesterday meet up was more into social-side gathering without involving lots of technical discussion. Unauthorize file transfer one could expect as always :) We think that our SIG is quite ok in term of planning and implementation despite the number of the member, seems like most of the schedule was on track and not far off even if sometimes there were glitches but somehow we managed to nurture back our spirit and motivation. We like to keep it small and simple, well planned and organized but keep our foresight ahead. Truth is, I don't know what lies in front of this tiny, non-elite group. But I know and I hope, God permitted, we'll make it happen!

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Anonymous said...

kenapa ya... sunyi sepi??