Sunday, July 24, 2005

Ubuntu - Humanity to others

I had difficulties compiling 2.6 kernel in Debian. Dia buat perangai. Never before I had such a mess with kernel compiling. Not with Slackware. The reasons why I want to recompile the kernel are to have ACPI support as well as to gain experience.

Tired of trying. Nearly 3 days I've tried.As a result - my room was left untidy. Hahaha. Ok that is not the fault of the software. Guess 'dist-upgrade' to SID was the biggest mistake.

"Why do u use SID?"
"I want cutting edge packages :D "
"Kalau dapat broken package padan muka la eh"

And there I was. Compiling error at 12c support. Its either Y or M, to disable it, I can't - there's no option for that.

Now, I'm using Ubuntu. Debian-based distribution. I have ACPI support for my laptop, cpu frequency scaling, hibernate option and not to mention beautiful 2.10 gnome :)


ShiMa said...

huhu..aik..bukan tahap normal ker utk awak kalau room tu untidy..:D

AuRuM said...

kenapa nama dier Ubuntu... abiss buntu sy membacanya!!!!

Stridz said...

Kak shima: macam tau-tau jerr eh :D

Aurum : Ubuntu dalam bahasa Afrika - Humanity to others. 'Founder' ubuntu drp South Afrika.